ASVS Products Helps Guys Score Big on Valentine’s Day

Score BIG on Valentine’s Day with the help of an ErgoHold Universal Stand. What does our small, lightweight, easy-to-carry universal stand have to do with making your Valentine’s Day a success? How about letting it help you cook up a great meal or whip up an impressive dessert for your special loved one? Use it to hold a recipe open from a cookbook or to hold a tablet open for a video on cooking instructions to create a romantic dinner and setting. With this stand you have easy access to the recipe or video while keeping your hands free to do the cooking and creating that magic.

Don’t know how to cook? Can barely boil water? Easy! Check out some of the books listed below for quick, easy recipes that will be sure to impress. Yes, you can always make reservations and spend hundreds of dollars at a fancy restaurant. That can be impressive to some ladies, but for a guy to go through the trouble of not only putting forth the effort to cook dinner, to set the right atmosphere, the right mood lighting, the right background music while sharing your romantic dinner, etc., most ladies will find that very impressive. You will spend a lot less cash than a dinner at a fancy restaurant and it will win you some big points in her eyes. (Plus, since the dinner is at your place, you don’t have to worry that her passionate ardour will cool off on the way from the restaurant to your place!)


Romantic Dinner Recipes – Hot and Steamy Dinners for 2

Delicious Fondues: Enjoy perfect Communal Meals and romantic Dinner for two (Secret of Master Chefs Book 2)

Quick and Easy Date Night Recipes For Special, Romantic Dinners: With Delicious Options For Appetizers, Entrées, and Cocktails!

Can’t Cook, Don’t Care!: Step-by-Step Romantic Steak Dinner For Two

DATE FOOD: The Right Meals to Impress a Special Someone

Below are a couple of reviews from customers that have used the ErgoHold for just this purpose!

“This is very cool! I love being able to hold a recipe book off the counter (so it doesn’t slide down & get
splashed on) – this works perfect for that. Also, when I read from my Kindle at night, I just pop the
Kindle into the Ergohold stand, and it holds it at the perfect angle while I read in bed. Nice!” (Link to review:

“Great for a small/mediam thick textbooks and cookbooks. Stands well, even with paperback books. Great buy.” (

“I love the book holder. It works great for my cookbooks.” (

“Great works with nook HD, my iPad and hold them tight and sturdy great product folds up into a phone sized square” (

So, use this little stand to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one for all involved!

To get your own ErgoHold Universal Stand, get it on Amazon at:

I wish you the best!

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Armando Salcido
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Tablet Stand Being Promoted in Holiday Gift Guides

Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve posted to this blog but there are some very cool things happening that I thought I’d post them here.
As you know, the ErgoHold Universal Media Stand is the main product that has been brought to you by ASVS Products. This little stand has been making quite a splash with tablet owners, book readers and audio book fans. It also seems to have recently been discovered by cooks for holding actual cook books or for holding tablets open to specific recipes, allowing them to create masterpiece meals while keeping their recipes available at a comfortable reading angle for easy reference. In fact, this holiday season, our little stand has been picked up by a number of bloggers and websites that promote holiday gift guides for their readers and followers. Below are a few examples:

This is a newsletter published by BookBytes, a newsletter for “The Book Club, Cookbook. “
It seems that cooks are discovering how much of a valuable tool this stand could be for them.

Next is a link to a review article in a blog called, “A Rain of Thought.” It is written by an entertainment publicist, blogger and freelance writer that goes by the name of Rain. Here is a description of this blog from the author herself: “A Rain of Thought is about anything entertaining enough to share with you. You’ll find music, movie, food, fashion, show and product reviews, artist features, giveaways, contests and sometimes just random rants and ramblings.”

In the holiday gift guide below, my stand has a very nice review. This blog, “Carol Roth, Tough Love for Business” is written by a successful business advisor that is described as follows: “One of the country’s most successful business advisors, Carol has provided frank, straightforward and insightful business advice to hundreds of business owners, ranging from a single entrepreneur with an idea to Fortune 500 businesses.”

The link below is to a review article about the ErgoHold Universal Stand written by a “mommy blogger” that seems to have quite a following for her blog. What she does is primarily review products that may be useful for mothers, although she has posted reviews for a fairly wide range of products. The blog is called, “Chelsea Mommy’s Experiencing New things…loving life.”

These are just a few of the blogs and websites that I know about that have seen the value and versatility of the ErgoHold Universal Media stand.

If you know of any tablet owners or book readers that might want to experience more comfortable, hands-free reading or viewing that will allow them to be more productive or work more efficiently, feel free to use the link found in your browser at the top of this page and share it with friends and family or you can use the following link which will take you directly to the product listing on Amazon.

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Written by Armando Salcido, President, ASVS Products,

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ASVS Products Makes Donation For Children in Need

ZC Bolger, an author of children’s books that had previously been featured in the ASVS Product blog, Enjoy Life More, is working to raise funds to purchase books for students at a low income school in Arizona.  ASVS Products is making a donation to help him reach his goal.

ZC Bolger, author of such popular children’s books as Danny Calloway and the Puzzle House, Ninjabread Man, Realm Keepers, etc., was recently invited to speak at a school in Arizona.  As a routine action, Mr. Bolger speaks at various schools to promote the value of reading, the attainment of goals and also to promote his books.  Usually when he does this, many students pre-order his books in advance so that they can become familiar with it and could follow along with the reading done by Mr. Bolger.  This time, ZC found out that the school is located in a very low income area and the students would not be able to purchase their own books.

As the children were very excited to have ZC Bolger come to speak to their class room, ZC decided to go anyway.  He also decided to use an online system to raise funds so that the students could have their own copy of the book.  The funds raised will only covers printing and shipping costs.  Mr. Bolger does not make any profit from this and any funds over and above the target will go toward providing more books to other students.  Each $5.00 donation will purchase one book for a student.

The link for making any donations is:

The donations need to be raised quickly as the he is scheduled to speak at the school in Arizona on November 13th.  ASVS Products is proud to be able to contribute to this.

Joy Maker – Zach Bolger, author and story teller

Did you ever have adventures (or misadventures) in elementary, middle school or high school?  Did you enjoy reading about other kids having interesting adventures? What about watching kids having various adventures in movies or on TV?

Now imagine creating stories about kids having such adventures, like stories about a thirteen year old mathematical genius that solves puzzles and mysteries which lead him onto ever more interesting adventures.  Or, imagine a small group of ordinary high school kids who find themselves thrust into an epic battle spanning two universes in which they each gain particular wizard-like powers, but must fight together as a team to protect earth and all of existence as we know it, against a super-powerful, extremely devious evil entity.

These are some of the situations, worlds, realms and universes conjured up by the imagination of Zach Bolger (known in the literary world as “Z.C.” Bolger) or co-created with long-time friend and fellow author (and film director), Garrett Robinson.  In his well received and very successful book, Danny Calloway and the Puzzle House, Zach’s lead character is a middle school student, who just doesn’t quite seem to fit in with everyone.  He also happens to find math and puzzle solving very easy.  Danny Calloway and the Puzzle House Book coverHis adventures begin on the last day of school in the 8th grade and take him on a whirlwind of mysterious codes, secret passage ways and riddles that sometimes put him in danger; sometimes even jeopardize his life!  The book is an enjoyable read in which one is taken back to those books and stories one got lost in at a young age.  It is the first of five books in the series, each promising more adventure than the last.

I asked Zach how he had come up with the character of Danny Calloway and the name of his book. Well, I am not exactly sure where the idea for Danny Calloway came from. I think it probably resulted from teaching mathematics and having the idea that it would be cool to be able to do math instantly.  I soon had a boy who could break codes and ciphers without even trying.  As far as the puzzle house idea, I remember exactly how I came up with that. I was reading an article in a magazine several years ago about an interior designer who had secretly built clues and secret panels into a condo he was remodeling. When he was done, he handed the owners a simple clue but said nothing more. That led the family on an adventure in their own home. I thought it was such a cool concept that the wheels started turning and I ended up with the puzzle house as the beginning for Danny Calloway’s adventures.”

That sounds like a lot of fun.  The Puzzle House is the first in the series of five books.  Can you give us a hint of what is to come in some of the other books – without giving away too much, of course?  “Well, at the end of The Puzzle House, we have pretty good closure for our characters in the book’s storyline—but it is the epilogue that will get the readers reaching for more. Danny obviously has more to come, and it seems that he and his friends will be leaving all that they know to have their next adventure a whole world away, in a land very foreign to them.

Throughout the series, Danny and his friends will be visiting foreign lands and have many classic adventures. Full of all the riddles, secrets and codes one could wish for, Danny’s story is going to expand greatly right alongside the growth of his special abilities.” (How’s that for a mystery sandwich?)The title of book 2 will be announced soon. Readers should stay on top of my author Facebook and Twitter feeds where they can hear it first.” (,

What has been the reaction from kids so far? “It’s been great!  What I really love is that my stories get kids to read. Delphi They enjoy the stories so much they just get caught Zach doing a reading from his bookup in them without realizing they are doing what their teachers and parents want them to do – read.  Another great result is that some kids become more interested in mathematics as well.  I have had many kids tell me how they want to be able to do what Danny can do.  They get excited about math class whereas before they had no interest.  I realized long ago that if you make something fun, kids will want to learn it.  When I visit schools to do readings from my books and other stories (which I do all over the country), I always love the welcome and reception I receive from the kids.  In addition to doing readings, I also conduct workshops to encourage kids to write and learn.  Kids are very creative if you just let them get at it.”Book signingStudents interested and participating

Well, that is exactly why I wanted to feature you as a “Joy Maker” for my blog.  The whole purpose of my blog is to promote products, ideas, actions, activities, experiences, and people that make life for others just a bit more enjoyable – and that is exactly what you seem to be doing with your books!

So, did you just suddenly decide to write children’s books or have you been doing this for a while now?  “Well, being a very creative child, I found myself writing fiction stories for school whenever I could. One series I remember was ‘Tomato Man & Squash Boy’—a vegetable duo who had adventures and fought the evil Dr. Broccoli and the Celery Werewolf. I wish I still had the stories because another student in my class did full illustrations for the stories which were very good, from what I remember.  By the age of thirteen I had written a feature length film script titled, Line Six. (I stole the title from the model name of my brother’s guitar amp.) I spent many years writing film scripts in Los Angeles.  In the middle of a particular one titled, Danny Calloway and the Puzzle House, it occurred to me that the script would make a great book.  That was when I decided to try my hand at novels and switched formats for the story.”

Wow!  That is quite an imagination! In addition to your own books, you’ve also co-authored several books with your friend, Garrett Robinson.  How do you like doing that?  “It’s great!  Garrett is a great friend and incredible author.  Being that both of us have backgrounds in the film industry, we have a lot of creative imagination between us and we happen to work very well together.  Together we’ve written the first fourteen Midrealm book one book coverWyrmspire book coverepisodes of the thirty-five episode Realm Keepers series.  These are titled ‘Midrealm’ & ‘Wyrmspire’ – both of which are available on Amazon and in bookstores. We also published the first of what we have coined ‘Epic Fairy Tales’ in the title of The Ninjabread Man.  These are for slightly more advanced readers than my Danny Calloway series, but they are a lot of fun to read. Readers can expect The Ninjabread Man 2 and 3 to be out by the end of the year, plus a couple of other Epic Fairy Tales titles, Realm Keepers Book 3 (currently untitled), and if I can, Danny Calloway 2.”

That’s a lot of work!  So, in addition to writing, what else do you like to do?  What are some fun things you enjoy doing?  “Well, the usual: Good books, good movies, good shows, good friends. But here are some things I enjoy that aren’t so average: Blasting classical music in my car with all the windows down.  Sitting in coffee shops and sketching random people. I also like creating back stories and history for random objects such as cars or old antiques.”

Hahahaha.  Those all sounds like fun!  A little goofy maybe, but I have found that sometimes being a little goofy can be fun.  So, what is the best way for people to keep up with all that you do?  “They can follow my Facebook and Twitter feeds and they can also log onto my web site where they can sign up for my mailing list.”  (

Zach at deskFantastic, Zach. It’s been great talking to you and finding out about all the things that you do.  It sounds like you do quite a bit to bring more joy to young readers.  Do you have any advice for young, budding authors?  “Yes. Write about what you love and love what you write.  Even if no one else likes it, you at least have one fan – yourself!  So, make your story something that you yourself would love to read.”


I hope you have enjoyed reading this article of my interview with author, Zach (Z.C.) Bolger. You can order his books on or find them at Barnes & Noble.  You could also order them directly from his website.

If you have any comments, ideas or suggestions for future blog entries, please contact me at  You can also leave comments below regarding this blog.

Zach and I both would appreciate it very much if you could help get the word out to kids and other readers about Zach and his books by sharing this blog on any sites you use for social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc.)  You could also copy the link to this blog article,, and send it to your mailing list.  Just let them know that you are recommending it.

Thank you.  Subscribe to my blog, “Enjoy Life More!” and don’t forget to do just that!

Written by Armando Salcido, President, ASVS Products,

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Joy Maker – Ginny Gravitt, crafts person extraordinaire!

Costumes for kids or costumes for adults attending masquerade parties. scrapbooks, handmade birthday cards or special party favors to delight a little girl or boy.  Baked goodies to match the theme of a party or a special cake to make a social gathering an extra special, photo-worthy evening to remember.

What could be more fun than doing all of these things and more!  How about watching little eyes open wide with excitement or hearing squeals of joyous laughter made possible by your creations?  And what could make life more enjoyable for a little one than having someone create a party for you based on your own special theme or favorite character or personality and having all your friends enjoy your special day with you?

That is exactly what a creative genius friend of mine does all the time.  Her name is Ginny Gravitt.  She is the first person I am featuring as an official “Joy Maker!”  That is the name I have given to people that do things specifically with the intent and purpose of bringing joy to others.

Ginny recently moved to the Los Angeles area from a small town in Oregon where she worked for over 30 years at Delphian, a private K-12 school, for which Ginny was as an administrator.  If you ask Ginny what she loved most about working at the school she would tell you without any hesitation that it was the interaction she had with the kids.  This is what she told me recently when I asked her that exact question:  “The students kept me young.  I can’t imagine a more rewarding way to have spent my life than to help and nurture children.  After all, these children are our future!”

What attracted me to write this article about Ginny was her seemingly limitless creativity.  Almost anything one might think of to make an occasion special, she could make.  Not only could she make any of the items in question but she could make them look great!  So, I wanted to get more information about her.  While interviewing Ginny I found out that in addition to being an administrator, she also worked as a Faculty Advisor for some of the students at the school, as did a number of other teachers and administrators.  As a Faculty Advisor she helped students learn the ins and outs of the school, helped direct them to classes and curriculum that aligned with their individual purpose or goals.  Sometimes they just needed someone to talk to.  If that was the case, she was always there for them – and they knew they could depend on her being there and listening.

I asked Ginny whether she liked being a Faculty Advisor for students at the school.  This is what she had to say:  “Every school year, the faculty of the boarding school where I worked are all assigned to be a Faculty Advisor to a small group of specific students.  I usually had 2 or 4 students.  All I ever tried to do was to listen to them and give them advice, which hopefully, was based on common sense.  Sometimes I would be the “second mom” for these kids while they were away from home.   I must have done a fairly good job, as I still maintain relationships with scores of my formerly assigned students.  At my last birthday party, 60% of the invited couples were former students for which I had been their Faculty Advisor!”

So, what inspired Ginny to get into making craft items for special occasions?   Apparently, she’s been doing it all her life!  “Throughout my life, I have always cooked, sewn and have done various crafts projects, but it wasn’t until my children graduated and left home that I realized – I am an artist!  I struggled with ‘empty nest syndrome’ so I took up scrapbooking.  I am forever grateful to my scrapbook mentor who encouraged me to turn my photos into stories and/or art pieces.” 

“That was the beginning of my coming into being as an artist.  Having finally recognized and acknowledge the fact that I am an artist, my horizons expanded many fold and I now see beauty everywhere.  I am open and willing to try my hand at different mediums and I have found that as I look around, I also find inspiration everywhere.  One of my mantras is ‘Make Art Every Day.’  To me, that doesn’t mean that I have to take a paintbrush to canvas, or sew a complete garment–but it does mean that whatever I’m doing, I do it to the best of my ability, to professional standards, even if it’s just in the way I plate my husband’s lunchtime meal or iron a shirt.  I try to make the result of whatever task or project I am working on to be aesthetically pleasing – and that, to me, is ‘art!’”

Below is an example of Ginny’s boundless creativity.  She bakes and decorates cakes.

Birthday cake - castle

Birthday cake – castle

Birthday cake - shape of hamburger

Birthday cake – shape of hamburger


Rainbow cake

Rainbow cake




Fancy birthday cake

Fancy birthday cake

















Then, there are some unique, specialty cakes.  “With my friends, Courtney and Angela, we make buckets of push pop cakes.”

Pushpop cake

Pushpop cake


Another Pushpop cake

Another Pushpop cake












Below is another example of the type of unique party favors that Ginny can create.  Included below is a custom “book” favor for the birthday of a 70-year-old gentleman.  It contained candies and a booklet with highlights about the life of the birthday boy.  He loved it!  And everyone in attendance thought it was absolutely great!

Birthday party book favor

Birthday party book favor

So, what types of projects is Ginny working on now or in the near future?  “I am helping a friend with a DIY wedding.  Part of this large project includes making 180 individual pouches to hold silverware at each place setting.”  Wow!  That will be quite something!  Below is a photo of what these pouches will look like.  Also below is a photo of some party center pieces Ginny made.  These are flower arrangements made into the shape of a cake.  One of these arrangements was placed on every table!

Center piece - cake shaped flowers.

Center piece – cake shaped flowers.


11G Place Settings

Custom utensil pouches for each place setting










So Ginny, do you reserve all of your creative juices to do projects for other people?  “Oh, no!  I try to be creative at everything I do.  Since we recently became first-time homeowners, I have enjoyed applying my artistic touch to decorating, organizing and making home improvements throughout our home inside and out.  I’ve even been doing some landscaping, taking out sickly rose bushes and putting in palms and Pampas grasses.  Last weekend I put in a small vegetable and herb garden in my back yard.  I sure am looking forward to the harvest!”

The whole purpose and intent of this blog, Enjoy Life More!, is to promote products, activities or experiences that make life just a bit more enjoyable.  While the list of things that can make life more enjoyable is unlimited, one of the things that people enjoy doing is being creative whether it is done as a hobby or as an income-producing business.  Ginny does both!

If you are interested in a special party for your little one or are looking for someone to cater a special occasion for you or someone you know, contact Ginny.  Below are all the ways in which you can contact or follow Ginny and her projects.


Google +:




Please help Ginny, our first featured “Joy Maker” by sharing this blog on any sites you use for social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc.).  You could also copy the link to this blog ( and send it to your mailing list.  Just let them know you are recommending it.

Enjoy some additional photos of Ginny’s projects below.  Remember the motto of this blog: “Enjoy Life More!”

“This bag is a party favor I made for a ‘Frozen’ birthday party.”

"Frozen" party favors

“Frozen” party favors

Here are a few photos of some great food creations Ginny made.  Some are for Halloween, some for other special occasions.

German chocolate cup cakes

German chocolate cup cakes


Halloween goodies

Halloween goodies


More Halloween goodies

More Halloween goodies


Fruit Tart

Fruit Tart


17G Stuffed cookies



















Here are some gorgeous, very fancy dresses Ginny made for some dancers at a dance school that was putting on a performance of the Nutcracker Ballet.

Nutcracker Ballet dress 3

Nutcracker Ballet dress 3


Nutcracker Ballet dress 2

Nutcracker Ballet dress 2


Nutcracker Ballet dress 1

Nutcracker Ballet dress 1












Written by Armando Salcido, President, ASVS Products.

Home of the ErgoHold Universal Reading Stand




Welcome to the first blog entry of “Enjoy Life More!”  I’m not completely settled on the name of the blog so that may or may not change.  The feel and nature of the blog also may change as more entries are made and as feedback is received by people reading and / or following it.

The purpose of the blog is promote items, activities, thoughts and ideas, etc. that people enjoy or that help people to enjoy life more.  These could be in the area of having fun with friends and family, doing various activities, listening to music, playing music, writing music, reading great books, communicating your thoughts or ideas in writing (on paper, in a blog, in publishable formats like books or informal jotting down ideas), creating works of art, viewing works of art, creating crafts, building things, etc.  All of these (and more) are things that people enjoy.  This blog will also be about things that help people enjoy life more, whether it is a piece of equipment, a particular type of paint brush, a software program or app that helps people write better articles, etc.

The above is also the purpose of my new company, ASVS Products.  With this company, I plan to make available various products that help people to enhance their enjoyment of life.  These could be items that help people enjoy quiet time alone, or help them do more things with people.  The items could help people do more of what they like or help them to do it better.  We may also carry items that people would just enjoy having such as things which are unique, artistic or aesthetic.

Reading is one of the things that I really enjoy.  From what I have observed, many other people also enjoy reading.  Therefore, the first product that I would like to promote in this new blog is the ErgoHold Universal Reading Stand.   It is a great product that can be enjoyed by anybody that likes to read, whether they read real physical books or read books and articles from a tablet or e-Reader.  This unique little stand can firmly hold a tablet or e-Reader of almost any size in both portrait or landscape mode at a number of different angles, whatever is most comfortable for you to use while reading.  You can use it while relaxing on an outdoor chaise lounge by the pool by setting it on your lap or on a pillow placed on your lap.  It can be placed on a table, desk, counter or work bench as well as a tray table on an airplane.  Using the ErgoHold allows a reader to read while keeping his or her hands free to do other things – like eat breakfast, lunch or dinner at a restaurant while reading.  (You no longer have to put down your knife and fork to pick up your tablet, go to the next page of what you are reading, try to position your tablet by leaning it against the sugar container, then pick up your knife and fork again to continue eating.)  The ErgoHold will firmly hold your tablet at a comfortable angle and due to the little rubber-tipped feet, it will not slide around as you try to move from page to page.  Since the ErgoHold can hold your tablet at several angles, you can adjust the reading angle to best suit your current position.  This will help relieve potential eye, neck and back strain for those that normally have to bend their neck down or hunch over to read.

Although this product is great for holding tablets and e-Readers, it is also fantastic for use with actual physical books.  The ErgoHold will hold almost any paperback or hardback book (except super large dictionaries or some of the really large text books) and will firmly hold the book open to the page you are currently reading.  Most other book holders, from my past experience, require one to remove the book from the holder or stand in order to turn the page and then re-position the book onto the stand or holder.  This patented and intelligently designed reading stand has well thought out, unique page holder slots which allow a book reader to easily turn the page without having to lift it out of the stand.  You no longer have to break up the continuity of your reading experience just to turn the page.

Additionally, this unique stand is very durable.  It is made from very strong, high grade ABS plastic, yet is folds up into a small enough item to easily carry it in a purse, back pack or even a shirt pocket!

Anyone that enjoys reading would love using this very simple, but incredibly useful reading stand.  For product images visit my website,

I hope that you have enjoyed this first blog entry.  As mentioned, the purpose and intent of this blog is to promote people enjoying life or products that can help people enjoy life more.  I’d love to get feedback from you. Please let me know your thoughts in regard to this first blog entry.  Let me know the types of things that make life enjoyable for you or that could help you enjoy life more.  I also would welcome any thoughts or suggestions for future blog entries.

That’s all for today.

Remember:  Enjoy Life More!