ErgoHold Media Stand

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If you can read it, we can hold it. From ebooks to cookbooks the Ergohold does it all.

This revolutionary product is impeccably built using an almost indestructible grade of plastic. The Ergohold is only 5.75″ long x 3″ wide x 1/2″ thick. Don’t be fooled by its size… This little guy packs a big punch by holding almost any tablet, e-reader, paperback and medium sized hardcover book. Don’t conform to your environment; make your environment conform to you. The Ergohold can be adjusted to several different angles to help prevent eye, neck or back strain and provide the reader maximum comfort. The Ergohold can be placed on any flat surface and used virtually anywhere! Your purchase is backed by a life time guarantee.

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1 review for ErgoHold Media Stand

  1. I have been looking for a stand that would hold my Kindle so that every time I use the screen to search on change something or go on the Internet the Kindle stays steady. This book stand really works well in whatever position you put your Kindle. Another great thing is it leaves access to the on/off button and recharging port. If you are recharging and reading at the same time there is room for the cord in either position. Great price and a great product. It was delivered quickly, and packaged well.

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